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Expedited Low Flat-Rate Divorce and Annulment

We pride ourselves for offering one of the most affordable Uncontested Divorce and Annulment prices in the New York and New Jersey state area. With our 20 years of experience in preparation and filing for New York Uncontested Divorce and Annulment and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality service for one low flat-fee. Your case will be handed in a prompt and efficient manner and the confidentiality of your matter will always be respected. You can get uncontested divorce if you do not have SS#, your spouse resides out of state or abroad (International Divorce), without spousal signature (Divorce by Default) or if your spouse can not be found (Divorce by Publication). In New York there is no court appearance necessary on uncontested matters!


Our company takes care of preparing, filing, and obtaining copies of Divorce/Annulment Judgment for you!


We provide assistance in expediting divorce to New York State residents, regardless of which New York State County you reside in.


We will walk you through divorce process

We will contact you to discuss your divorce and walk you through the entire divorce process. The interview will be conducted over the phone or in person, depending on your preferences.

Document Preparation

Complete Preparation and Filing

The Divorce package will include all court approved divorce forms relating to your Divorce matters. Upon authentication and signing your divorce package will be filed in person at the local Court.

Things You Need to Know

Useful Information

In New York the amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent is determined by the state Child Support Standards Act...

A petition for leave to assume another name may be made by a resident of New York State to either the County Court or the Supreme Court of the County in which s/he resides...

Why Choose Us

So many good reasons

Call us today at +1 (212) 359-9352 and speak to one of our representatives. Your will be amazed how knowledgeable we are and the customer service that we provide is unmatched in the industry today. We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not use third party operator or phone recordings, but a live representative that will answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate and call us today!


Divorce299.com closely monitors courts processing times and procedural agenda. Every effort is taken to ensure that our client’s cases are processed in the court’s having quickest turn around. Processing can be monitored on the court website. We have an experienced staff of professionals to provide you with a timely, cost effective way to handle all your divorce matters.

Continued Assistance

Before granting judgments, court might request additional evidence, explanation, or copies of pertinent documents from Family or Criminal Court. It might be necessary to amend an existing court documents, or prepare additional forms or affidavits. Our company's goal is to work with the clients to ensure that all the court’s requirements are met and cases are successfully handled.

Preparation and Filing - ALL DONE IN ONE DAY!

In the case where the parties requesting divorce need to file their action immediately, we can arrange to have the documents prepared and filed the same day at the Court's having quickest turnaround in processing uncontested divorce cases.

Our Clients

What they say about us

Before contacting Divorce299 I have search with other firms and was given ridiculous quotes.

- Danielle, info@divorce299.com

Filing for divorce was something I have been postponing for a while. We have been separated with my spouse for years but we never filed for formal divorce.

- Mark, info@divorce299.com

My ex-to-be husband was happy to hear that there will be no court hearing since he resides in FL

- Rebecca, info@divorce299.com

I cannot speak highly enough about this company, I am so impressed with the high caliber of their staff. You get committed, professional, competent service on a personal level.

- Martha, info@divorce.com